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china_syntax EP [noep.02] | oct2002

Coming up next is the long awaited new cut from Apache 61 - the 'china_syntax' ep. [PURCHASE THIS NOW]

Apache 61 is no 'new face in the race' - She has an impressive track record with previous albums on Japan’s Daisy World and remixes for Coldcut and Yellow Magic Orchestra among others. Word of her incredible live shows has quickly spread through the international festival and club scene with a steady stream of invitations to play as far a field as Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Japan in the pipe. In fact she is one of the few ‘tech heads’ brave enough to actually do it live: a sound of intricate beats and layers of detailed percussion on the one hand, but executed with death defying intent and passion.

On this 4 track EP she once again takes centre stage to show the boys how to mash the beats with style and purpose. A compelling ability to express the most elusive shards of mood and sentiment whilst, simultaneously, engaging the body with a love of movement and brutal dynamics.

Total entertainment for brain and leg! Available September 2002.

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listen to some samples from the apache 61 'china_syntax' EP [mp3 format]
serpentine [1.5mb]
china syntax [1.4mb]
no immortal