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in these times of global patriarchal imperialism and rampant unilateralism the world needs a dose of non-linearity like never before. no immortal has been busy putting together an amazing programme of events to highlight our interests and take great music and performances to all corners of the uk. if you want to dismantle your personal regime let our beats start you on that journey. remember - this is DysFunkt!on by form not force. [new interviews and galleries posted]

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Total immersion in the digital arts in a freeform way is the ethos of the DysFunkt!onal Beats Tour which is supported by the Arts Council of England and Futuresonic.

Taking it further will be a compelling selection of artists and DJ's on hand including 4Hero, Future Sound of London, Luke Vibert, People Like Us, DJ Spooky, Plaid and Bedouin Ascent, plus visual art and design throughout (D-Fuse, The Designers Republic, Addictive TV, etc).




"Une soirée de musique électronique improvisée live qui transporte au-delà des frontières du conformisme. Des artistes du monde entier, aux influences variées (jazz, d'n'bass, indian classical) unis par le désir de désintellectualiser la musique electronique."

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- Essentially it's a platform to showcase live, improvised electronic music and visual artforms which explore more non-linear forms and structures than in regular commercial dance music (with a particular emphasis on rhythmic deconstruction, jazz and fusion sensibilities). Although experimental, these events are intended to be very accessible and above all a great party atmosphere for those not necessarily wishing to engage intellectually. It's all about the science of the 'cut-up', whether in music, visuals, design or writing for example.

- This is also an opportunity to showcase 'freestyle' live sound which is not often associated with the rigid structures of electronic dance music. Musically it's about arrangements falling apart and coming back together - invoking a perpetual and dynamic condition - like a continual series of 'mistakes' with no real agenda, other than the fact that it sounds good. The freedom of chance; the opportunity for chance interaction within musical structures to build their own narrative; the chance for artists to take some risks they wouldn't normally be able to and collaborate on new work. Anything's possible. That's both the danger and the beauty!

addtl data, ideas, resources +_ writing on non-linear rationality, systems theory, vedanta, tao, anarchy, etc available on-line at www.dysfunktional.net


0_] t o u r  d a t e s:..

:: 01] m a n c h e s t e r  <greenroom, 54 whitworth st west, m1 5ww>>

- friday16nov || [ 19h00 - 02h00 ]
- Luke Vibert / DJ Spooky / Bedouin Ascent / Icarus / Solar X: 9-2am
- Kaffe Matthews / Neotropic / Gescom (broken channel event): 7-9pm
- £9/7, Tickets - Piccadilly Box Office 0161-832 1111
- presented in partnership with futuresonic

:: 02] n o t t i n g h a m
 <heavenly social, 23 Pelham St, ng1 24d>>__

- sunday25nov || [ 19h00 - 00h30 ]_
- Bedouin Ascent / Apache61 / Icarus / FSOL / Solar-X
- film: Andrea Zimmerman, Oblique, Addictive TV, Marc Everett.
- djs: Phil Winter (moon palace), Jim Backhaus (kosmische).
- £6/5, Tickets: Ticketweb, www.ticketweb.co.uk / 020 7771 2000

:: 03] l o n d o n  <93 feet east, 150 Brick Lane, e1>>__

- thursday06dec || [ 19h00 - 02h00 ]_ :: 3 rooms ::
- Luke Vibert / Bedouin Ascent / Apache 61 / Blurt / 4hero / Icarus / Future Sound of London / People Like Us / Kaffe Matthews / Summit / Freeform / with more to be announced...
- installation: Seedpod, D-fuse, Squid Soup.
- film: Andrea Zimmerman, Oblique, Addictive TV, The Designers Republic, Marc Everett.
- djs from moon palace + kosmische + expanding
- £8/6, Tickets: Ticketweb, www.ticketweb.co.uk / 020 7771 2000

:: 04] b r i s t o l
 < The Thekla, East Mud Dock >>__

- thursday13dec || [ 20h00 - 01h30 ]_
- Bedouin Ascent / Future Sound of London / Icarus / Apache61 / Freeform
- film: The Designers Republic, Squid Soup, Andrea Zimmerman, D-Fuse
- djs: Prophane (moon palace), Jim Backhaus (kosmische), rlf (hombre), tom (pause_2)
- £6/5, Tickets: Imperial Records/Replay Records. info: www.cubecinema.com/0117 9074190

:: 05] t o k y o 
< mex2001 new media festival >>__

- friday23nov || [ 19h00 - 00h30 ]_
- Bedouin Ascent / Icarus / Apache61 / Benge / D-Fuse
- Creators Night party. Streamed on-line @ http://www.mex2001.net

:: 06] Birmingham [Custard Factory] +_ Cardiff [Clwb Ifor Bach] scheduled for Jan.2002.
Please call for details


<-- coming up in 2002

dysfunktional beats in uk, italy, france, germany, spain, usa, japan.

watch this space.

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