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D-Tonate_00  :  DF001  :  9 track DVD  :  limited edition pre-release  :  £17.99

Nominated for Music Week CADS Best Music DVD award, the D-Tonate DVD is the result of two years of D-Fuse's ongoing experimental work. The project is set between the fields of Design, Visual Art and Music Video. It has served as a vehicle to explore the possibilities of collaboration between primarily visual artists and sound artists and to redefine the linear format of contemporary music videos. We decided to send out samples of our abstract films to international sound artists. Our aim was to challenge and reverse the conventional production methods of promotional/MTV-type music videos.

Our visual samples inspired the musicians to create exclusive tracks, which, in turn led to a further refinement of the visual elements.

We have addressed the limitations of the linear form of conventional music videos, by introducing a non-linear element into our tracks.The nine video tracks on the DVD were created and reinterpreted in up to five versions which can be randomly accessed by the viewer. Along with multi-angle/random video tracks, we included Multi-Audio tracks and utilised the Sub Pictures (conventionally used for subtitles) as an animation track.

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We believe that our collaborative approach has lead to the creation of a unique immersive audiovisual experience. The DVD will be first relased in Japan by Nowondvd Label and has been partially funded the Arts Council of England

International sound artists and musicians include:
_CHI 2
_KID 606