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Icarus  :  Soviet Igloo  :  not.01  :  2 track EP  :  12" Vinyl   :  £5

Soviet Igloo (it's a mix of vodka and polar bear milk) is strangely new material from Icarus, following on from their last full-length album 'Squid Ink' and setting the scene for their next, 'Misfits'.

Igloo sees Icarus playing more musical games across the spectrum and, as has come to be expected, the results do not lend themselves to either the fashionable precedents of the dance floor or of the glitchcore electronic mafia. A dish perhaps best enjoyed without any stigma attached. You've heard it all before, but not like this.

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Icarus  :  Misfits  :  not.02  :  6 track album  :   CD format  :  £10

Ollie Bown and Sam Britton produce their fourth long player after last year's 'Squid Ink' (Output Recordings). The result of too much moving house and not enough continuity, 'Misfits' is a minimally-arranged mini LP made with two laptop computers in a vacuum. The artists were not present and neither was the DAT machine.

The motivation behind 'Misfits' as a project came about as a result of 'Squid Ink', a detailed exploration into microphonically-minded and rhythmically upfront electronica and roughly speaking the natural continuation of Icarus's first two albums in it's exploration of detailed arrangements and recording/sampling abstractions.

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Isambard Khroustaliov  :  8 Minutes   :  not.03  :  3 track EP  :  8cm CDR Format  :  £5

barren shards of an undefined musical inquisitiveness pervade these tracks, at once desolate and broken like the vast swathes of Bulgaria, Bosnia and the former Soviet Union and yet strangely compelling. The image of errant teenagers constructing new worlds out of stuff no-one wants to know about is rife.

There is the sense that bizarre cocurrences and schizophrenic deceptions abound. What is real and what is true are not necessarily apparent, but then isn't culture's greatest freedom the self evidence and beauty that can often come as a result of misunderstanding?

This CDR is a limited edition of 100 copies, each sleeve is a folded Joji Koyama photograph featuring handwriten sleeve notes on the reverse.

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