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Various Artists  :  Flat Pack Antenna  :  YAH 001  :  29 tracks  :  released 10/03  :  £11

What is it? "Flat Pack Antenna" is a limited edition vinyl LP by more than two dozen artists including Dexter Bentley, SaltPervert, Jem Finer, Dave Draper, John Wynne, Benge, Tennis, Caroline Kraabel and Stewart Home, released by Hearing Aid. Only 500 (numbered) copies have been pressed. Savage Pencil artwork adds to the allure of this exquisite object of desire. All proceeds from this LP go to the Resonance104.4fm fundraising campaign. Help keep us on air. Buy a copy now!

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All sales made from this LP go 100% to the Resonance 104.4 FM fundraising campaign. 29 tracks by various artists:

1  Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers - Add Hapter (excerpt)
2  Benge - Resonant Insects
3  Little timmy Vs Samanthrax - Tiny Udder 1
4  Sunny Lazic - Heavy Load
5  Smalts - Insane (remix)
6  Jem Finer - The Hills are Alive
7  Illuminati - Ocean Almanac
8  Chris Todd (Robotplaysguitar) - Scrub
9  Rod Stasick - Jotoah SRI 17
10  John Wynne - !Xóõ Study 1: Gosaitse
11  Tennis - Redmur
12  Sold - Fatkid
13  SaltPervert - FagKnicker
14  Aero Mic’d - Carnival Up North
15  Julian Bass - Ricoh
16  Steven Moyes -Tunnel/Window/Green
17  Jesus Licks - If You Kill Me
18  Kevin Poulter - Scorpion Storm (excerpt)
19  Dodo - The Magical Transformation Trio (from ‘A Visit to Tivoli Gardens, 7 July 2002’)
20  The Thirds - If I Can’t Change Your Mind
21  Dexter Bentley - Stupid Pigeons
22  The Domestic Front - Emanate or Else
23  Stewart Home - The Bethnal Green Variations: Turning Silence into Noise (Cage Caged) Realisation- Short Edit
24  Pete Aves - The First Five Seconds of Every Track from my Album ‘Bystanding’
25  Dave Draper - Sea Saws (extract)
26  Zainetica - Dripfeeder
27  William English - Rapport
28  Radio 9 - Kosmos
29  Caroline Kraabel - Lovesong in Wartimes

//--->              /+/+

Personal highlights come from tracks by the Slate Banjo Draggers, who open the album with an outer-space miniature analogue drone-symphony recalls the pioneering spirit of Louis and Bebe Barron’s ‘Forbidden Planet’ soundtrack.

The electro-pop melancholy of Smalts (aka early Factory Records artist Minny Pops)

The refreshing wistful Little Timmy and Santhrax’ Tiny Udder 1.

The sounds of an african click language recorded in the Kalahari desert by John Wynne.

Writer and cultural agitator Stewart Home subjects the residents of Bethnal Green to a minute of conceptual silence in tribute to Mike Batt and ‘plagiarists and cultural pirates everywhere’.

The Thirds contribute an intensely personal low-fi country rock number; members Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard were also behind ‘File Under Sacred’ – a re-enactment of the Cramps’ notorious Napa Mental Institute gig – performed at the ICA, with help from Mad Pride.

Also Julian Bass chilled spatial guitar and Dave Draper’s sonic carpentry based sounds add to the distinctness of this release.


Resonance FM is a remarkable radio arts station, existing thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of its vast and growing core of volunteers and supporters. What other radio station travels the length and breath of the musical universe, each and every day, allowing true artistic freedom and putting up a flag for exotic, industrial, folk, electronic and hardcore music where Sun Ra Arkestra rubs shoulders with The Boredoms, Shirley Collins, YMO, Bruce Haack and Noxagt, a station with an insatiable appetite for the new, lost and forgotten. Resonance FM has no playlists an open mind and a love of sonic experimentation.

We decided a fundraising LP open to all Resonance FM supporters first come pay to play would be a highly interesting and unique way to raise money for the station. It was impossible to envisage the end result which as a recording experiment has produced something for every taste.

The artists and musicians on this record reflect some of the great diversity and energy and certainly the enthusiasm of Resonance FM. All have donated tracks in the DIY artistic spirit of the station having also paid collectively for its pressing so that you the listener can know when purchasing it your donating £10 to keep Resonance 104.4 FM on air.

Project co-ordinated by Magz Hall and Jim Backhaus
Mixing and engineering Mick Ritchie
Artwork Marc Everett.